360° GoPro Camera Rig - Unboxing

Posted: August 24 2015

For as long as people have been making films, the boundaries have been constantly pushed. New technology, cameras, lighting and sound has increased twenty fold in both quality and ease of use.

We recently came up with the idea of creating the regions first 360 degree rap video. To do this is no easy task. Not only can the audience see everything on set, (meaning all crew has to be hidden from sight). But also due to the fact that we decided to shoot the whole video in one take, everything has to run perfectly.

The rig we chose to shoot the video was a 3D printed rig from The rig holds 10 GoPro's which link up to additional software to stitch the image's together.

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai

In addition to the rig, we also ordered a USB charging bar, this is not only useful for charging the GoPro's but also doubles up as a great way to upload the card footage onto the system.

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai


The package contained 5 card readers. As the GoPro's are constantly in the rig itself, it can be very difficult to get to the USB on the camera to transfer files across, so these card readers will very handy.

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai

A pen and a screwdriver (both beautifully branded!) later we got the rig accessories. A screw on stand (metal) also came with the rig. This is a must, as the rig can’t really stand up on its own.

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai

Finally it was time to see the rig itself, the whole office crowded around the box eagerly, awaiting the treasure that lay inside. The office hadnt been this excited since the tomato plant survived an office imposed drought. (Pictures to follow).

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai

360° GroPro Rig with CollectiveBKP in Dubai

The rig comprises of 10 holsters, holding the GoPro's tightly in to create the perfect angle that is needed to avoid lining. The Rig itself feels sturdy yet light.

To insert a GoPro, you must first lift one of the covering struts and slide the GoPro in. This was an extremely tense moment as if the rig where to break, this was the time it would happen.

Overall, the rig itself is great. The fact that it has been 3D printed means that it fits GoPro's to the millimetre. The workmanship is excellent and upon testing the rig we have found it is both easy to use and extremely impressive in terms of design.

Next stop, the shoot! Stay tuned...

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