MEET THE TEAM - Josh Salvadore

Posted: January 22 2017

We're back with our MEET THE TEAM series and next up is  Josh Salvadore



1. Name, position & star sign?

Josh, Digital Guy, Scorpio


2. How did you get roped into working at CollectiveBKP?

“They were the only ones insane enough to hire me.”


3. Describe the company in 5 words.

“I can’t think of anything”


4. What is your favourite content and why?

“The VR work is my favourite type of content. Making content that’s super cool is the best. Being able to experience it yourself is something no one else gets to do.”


5. If you could be an animal for the day which would you be and why?

“I would be a starfish because they get to lie down and be a star whilst doing it.”


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