MEET THE TEAM - Omar Abbas

Posted: January 29 2017

We're back with our MEET THE TEAM series and next up is  Omar Abbas



1. Name, position & star sign?

Omar Abbas, Partner/Director, Gemini


2. How did you get roped into working at CollectiveBKP?

"Reem and I made the rope. I roped Reem into a relationship and we have been roping others into the company since 2012."


3. Describe the company in 5 words.

(Counting Fingers) "The Best Production Company Ever."


4. What is your favourite content and why?

"My Favourite type of content is high quality, easily shareable storytelling. It shows there is an attention to detail, and people are willing to put quality behind the content. It's also shareable and creates a wave through people. I think it makes a difference to how other content is made. Content means anything that breaks the limits of the standard format. It makes an impact."


5. If you could be an animal for the day which would you be and why?

"A Giraffe, because if you don't like something your neck becomes a weapon. You can swing your head at anything that may annoy you."


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