MEET THE TEEM - Jamie Langley

Posted: January 15 2017

We have decided that a nice thing to do (and hopefully rather amusing) would be to interview members of the Collective family. The questions will be the same or each person and we will be releasing them week by week. First up is Jamie Langley.



1. Name, position & star sign?
"Jamie Langley, production manager, libra!"

2. How did you get roped into working at CollectiveBKP?
"After moving back to Dubai for an easy life living with my parents, I was made to get a job. This is the result."

3. Describe the company in 5 words.
"Rather nice little company, yes."

4. What is your favourite content and why?
"My favourite content is definitely our documentary style work, getting an insight into the lives of others and capturing how different people live/work is what I enjoy the most."

5. If you could be an animal for the day which would you be and why?
"I would most definitely be a badger, extremely underrated. A great mix of savage aggression and docile beauty... big up badger fam!" 




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