Streamlining the Aerial Permit Process in Dubai

Posted: February 11 2015

Desert Drone Filming

We just received an email from the Dubai Film and Television Commission regarding the Aerial Permit Process for film production companies in Dubai.

Given that we just shot aerial footage with the awesome team at Fluid Motion Film for the Qasr Al Hosn Festival, we thought other people would need this information as well.

If you're wondering what you need to get a permit to shoot aerial footage, we've included an excerpt  from the DTFC email here:

Excerpt from DTFC email:

We are happy to inform you of a new permit processing advancement.

As of 1st March 2014, the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) will be accepting aerial permits on behalf of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and liaising with them directly to process and issue the MoD permit.

In the past, when a production company applied for an aerial permit they were required to visit 3 different government entities to obtain the aerial permit.
With this new advancement, DFTC has eliminated one of the processing stages (new process stages listed below). The production company no longer needs to physically visit MoD’s offices to submit/collect the documents for aerial permits, as DFTC will accept and process the permits on behalf of MoD.

Please find below the new aerial permit process, effective as of 1st March 2014:;

  1. Production company to submit all necessary documents to DFTC office to process the aerial permit (please see below for list of documents required).
  2. Once the permit is approved by both entities i.e. DFTC and MoD, you will receive an email from the DFTC operations team to confirm, with a reference number.
  3. You must then take this reference number with you to any Emirates NBD bank to make the AED 2,500 MoD payment, as before. Emirates NBD Bank account no: 11-2000803-101
  4. Once the payment has been made, please visit the DFTC office to collect both your DFTC, Dubai Police and MoD permit. Please ensure to bring the payment receipt with you in order to collect the permits. Please note - you no longer need to visit MoD to collect your MoD permit.
  5. Once the shoot date has been confirmed, please make sure to visit the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) office to make the payment of AED 3,010, as before.
  6. Their offices are located at Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1, Arrivals, 1st Floor, DCAA Office.

Documents Required for Processing Aerial Permit Through DFTC:

  • Completed Shooting Application Form
  • Location List Form (for private location aerial shoots – a  Google Maps print out indicating the locations / areas you will be shooting in, and an NOC from the location owner are also required).
  • Crew List Form
  • Crew Passport Copies
  • Valid UAE Trade License
  • NOC from the Commissioning Client
  • Script / Story Board / Synopsis
  • Processing Fees 800 AED

We hope that this advancement helps streamline the permit and shooting process. We will continue to update you with any other changes/advancements that we implement.

Images are courtesy of Fluid Motion Film.

Of course, for any clarifications or information you can contact us and we can arrange permits for you.

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